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  • Now is the time to
    add European Nightcrawlers (ENCs) to your compost bin if you live in a warmer
    climate. Soon for you guys up north,
  • ENCs have
    voracious appetites, grow fast and make compost faster.

  • European
    Nightcrawlers are a great all-purpose worm, good for gardens, composting and

  • European
    Nightcrawlers will grow to over twice the size of red-worms, often reaching
    five to six inches or more and as thick as a pencil.

  • Fishermen love
    them as they tolerate warm, cold and brackish salt water and are very lively.
  • Grow bigger and
    better tasting fruit and vegetables, improve long term soil health.

  • These are healthy
    young worms, mostly medium size, bed run – mixed sizes (not fully grown).

  • Most are already
    breeders and they are prolific breeders!

European Nightcrawlers are capable of growing up to 6 inches
long, just watch yours grow! We
include a starter kit containing samples of Our Worm Food and Limestone
(calcium carbonate).
photos show an example of the worms you will receive and how their composted
material affects our garden.

Please Note: We ship
only on MONDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY by USPS Priority Mail.**** Except when there is a postal holiday on that
day or the following Monday. USPS
estimates their arrival in 3 days.
Please have their new home ready for them. We ship to the Lower 48 States ONLY.

****Worms will arrive alive but will not survive long in a
hot or cold mailbox or in the sunlight.
IF you cannot have someone there to accept your shipment just let us
know and provide us with the name and address of your post office. If you wish to advise us of your phone number
we can add it to the box along with “HOLD FOR PICKUP” then you can
pick up your worms at your post office.
We can only guarantee their live arrival if you pick the up at your post
office within 24 hours of their arrival there.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail to the Lower 48 States
ONLY No International Sales.


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