Charlie’s Compost 10 lb

"Unequivocally, we have used Charlie's Compost in several of our studies in our landscaping business and our gardening business and it is second to none," the Garden Guy, Charles Stocker, live on FOX, Aug 17 2012 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charlie's Compost is concentrated plant fertilizer that will jumpstart the bioactivity and ...

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“Unequivocally, we have used Charlie’s Compost in a number of of our stories in our landscaping enterprise and our gardening enterprise and it is 2nd to none,” the Backyard Man, Charles Stocker, live on FOX, Aug 17 2012 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charlie’s Compost is centred plant fertilizer in an effort to jumpstart the bioactivity and nutrient content material of your soil. Why use compost as an alternative of artificial fertilizer? Synthetic fertilizer addresses the “symptoms” of soil deficiency via dumping chemical substances into the soil. Compost “cures” soil deficiency by including not simplest nutrients however extra importantly the microorganisms and organic count crucial for soil fitness. Why use Charlie’s top class humic compost as an alternative of “regular” compost? Performance: proven within the lab (see outcomes in the photographs) and in the backyard (see our testimonials). Ingredients: Charlie’s is crafted from the greatest great compost inputs, including vegetarian, antibiotic free hen manure, hardwood chips, and aged straw. Concentration: Charlie’s centred formula enables a small quantity of compost to fertilize even the most poor soils. Organic certification: organic status potential Charlie’s is all-natural and applicable to be used within the cultivation of biological veggies and fruit. Note: cannot ship to all states.

  • “Probably the finest humic compost we now have ever viewed,” the Backyard Man, landscaper Carles Stocker, live on FOX, Aug 17 2012
  • Off-the-charts “good” microorganism exercise measured via the Soil Foodweb Laboratory
  • Made using simplest the greatest quality hen manure from Charlie’s vegetarian, antibiotic-free chickens
  • Certified biological via the state of Kentucky
  • Non-corporate, family-owned farm firm


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