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This product belongs to the high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, low residue in high performance, wide range of sterilization disinfection pharmaceutical, absorption of flowers and trees with a treatment and protection.

Usage and dosage:
1-1.5 kg each bag of water, in the front side of leaf spray equably, 7 to 10 days, 2-3 times in a row. Water 700-1000 – g for each bag filling root 4-5 basin.
Note: do not mix in alkaline drugs.
Prevention and control of objects:
Powdery mildew, spot disease, leaf spot, gray (black) mildew and anthracnose, leaf blight, root rot, fusarium wilt, blight.

1. Continuous use will produce resistance, and can be used with this shop sales of chlorothalonil rotation
2. Place a dry, shady and cool place, take precautions against children eat. (low)


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