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Guaranteed alive 1 lb of hand sorted Red Wigglers/Compost with worms (+1000 worms) in different stages of life from cocoons to mature worms in their natural environment/bedding. Hand sorted worms cut down on the disturbance of the worms thus insuring live delivery. Red wiggler worms do not like vibrations or light. Bedding may contain some finished worm castings.

Red Wigglers are great composting worms in a good environment, they eat half their weight in food a day. Imagine how much waste can be composted instead of ending in a landfill reducing your carbon footprint.

Red wigglers grow rapidly. Each mature worm in perfect environment produce three cocoons a week. Each cocoon can produce three baby worms. Due to this rapid breeding worm can double in population in 90 days.

Red Wiggler castings benefits:
Increase crop yields from 10% to 50%
Does not burn plants
Reduces susceptibility of plants to disease and pests
Enrich soil better to hold moisture and nutrients.

Worms are shipped USPS Priorty mail. We cannot ship worms to hawaii

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